This website was created by Alana Yee, a BSc. Specialization in Psychology (Industrial Internship Program) student at the University of Alberta, in December 2012. It was developed as her final project for the course “Independent Studies in Genetic Counselling”. It is intended for undergraduate students interested in pursuing a career in the field. The website provides information regarding the genetic counselling field, the profession, graduate programs, and relevant resources. In addition to increasing the general awareness of the genetic counselling profession, the purpose of the website is to provide prospective graduate students with a central resource of semi-current information regarding a career in the field. Select information is directly applicable to undergraduate students at the University of Alberta.

The website was further modified by the instructors of “Independent Studies in Genetic Counselling” (a section of BIOL 490, Department of Biological Sciences)

Mr. Sajid Merchant, Assistant Clinical Professor and Lead Genetic Counsellor, Department of Medical Genetics

Dr. Heather McDermid, Professor, Department of Biological Sciences

If you have any questions regarding the content of this website, please contact Heather McDermid at heather.mcdermid@ualberta.ca